Data protection policy

Data protection policy

Data protection policy

In compliance with Spanish Personal Data Protection Act 15/1999, dated 13 December, INFORMATICA DE EUSKADI, S.L. informs you that:

  1. These details are requested for the sole purpose of obtaining a professional profile permitting us to shortlist and recruit staff. The information provided is added to our Recruitment Department Database.
  2. Should you eventually be employed by Informática de Euskadi, S.L., the information requested in this questionnaire will be added to your Personal File. This file will be transferred to the automated data file managed by our Personnel Department.
  3. You will have the right to access, rectify, cancel and object to these data by writing to the File Manager, at the following postal address:

    Departamento de Selección

    Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, 803
    48160 Derio

I understand and give my consent for the details provided for the purposes of this professional profile to be stored in the automated file owned by INFORMATICA DE EUSKADI, S.L.

I certify that the details given in this application are correct and that I have not omitted any information which could be unfavourable towards me.  I am also aware that any falsification of information could lead the company to cancel my contract of work in the case that my application is successful.


This communication between users and INFORMÁTICA DE EUSKADI, S.L. does not use a secure channel and the details contained herein are not encoded. We therefore ask that you abstain from sending personal details which could be considered as specially protected under the terms of Article 7 of the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act, given that the security measures applicable to non-secure channels so advise.